Our exquisite array of Gourmets

Hotel is another home away, and this lies in the very spine of all our operations.

Meticulously stringed receipes,
served with style and warmth.
Complete Bake House,
to Aide all your Bakery & Confectionary needs.
Every essence of sapiens, ‘Togetherness’, ‘feté’, ‘Gala’,
with our exquisite ‘spirits’ ‘n’ ‘tails’ list.
Opens for Dinner & Sunday Brunch,
with our perfect “Marks” to “Mark” your day.
Our swanky open to sky,
wine 'n' dine with fuming flambe’s & Sizzlers.
“Cinos”, “Presso’s”, “Shakes”, “Beverages”
alongside with the baked delicacies.